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The everyday made easy with Bosch

Make daily life totally effortless with Bosch’s range of innovative appliances. From ovens that perfectly prepare every meal, to washing machines that take the hard work out of laundry days, everyday tasks have never been simpler.


Perfectly clean, totally effortless

You can give your clothes the best care with a washing machine from Bosch. With a range of programmes to choose from, every outfit will be given a tailored wash without the guesswork. You’ll never have to worry about how much detergent to use either with iDOS technology. Clever sensors work out how big your load is and how dirty your clothes are, and then automatically adjusts the amount of detergent used to leave everything spotless.

Fridges with the latest cooling technology: a fresh style for your kitchen. 

Bosch fridge-freezers not only make everyday life tastier, they also make it easier: Clear shelving, spacious boxes and ingenious dividers mean that you always know just what food you have in store. In addition, the trays and shelves glide gently towards you on telescopic rails, which makes inserting and removing food child's play. And thanks to the perfect lighting, you always have a clear view of all your food.


Life tastes good. With Bosch cookers and ovens, it can even taste better

When we develop cookers or ovens, our yardstick is you , and the everyday life. We measure our devices by much more than perfect baking results. We build them from the most stable materials and test their durability in endless stress test.So you can be sure that they'll continue to give you outstanding service. Day after day after day 

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