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At Bosch, we design our appliances with one thing in mind – you.

Every washing machine, cooker and dishwasher is packed with clever details that make chores easier and create a home that’s simply a nicer place to be. Enjoy daily life a little more with appliances that are high quality, reliable and easy to use.

We don’t just make award-winning white goods – you’ll also find many smaller items in our range. From vacuum cleaners, toasters and kettles, to irons and steam generators, we have attractive designs that can find a home in any kitchen. And as you’d expect from Bosch, our small appliances are packed with the latest technology and built to last.

We are a Premier Partner for the Bosch Brand, stocking all thier Domestic Appliances including Washing Machines, Washer Driers, Tumble Driers, Dishwashers, Fridge Freezers, Ovens, Hobs, Hoods, Built in compacts, Steam ovens, Kettles, Toasters and the new Smart Home range of products.

Bosch display newport

                                      Bosch Laundry                                                           Bosch Cooking

bosch laundry    bosch cooking

           Bosch Refrigeration                                                                        Bosch Dishwashers             

                bosch refrigeration        bosch dishwashers

                          Bosch Appliances                                                                          Bosch Floorcare

bosch appliances      bosch floor care

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