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At A F Thomas Electricals we want to give you the same experience that you would get if you were in one of our stores so here are the key facts that you need to know when deciding on which washer dryer to buy.



Kilo Load Capacity

There are many different sizes of drum capacities available from 6Kg to 12Kg, depending on your washing requirements we would advise to consider the following:

If you are unsure of what a Kilo of washing relates to then one Kilo is generally the equivalent of one complete outfit or a bath towel

With a Washer dryer there is also a combined Wash/Dry Capacity, this is the amount of washing that you can wash and dry during one automatic cycle. So for example if a washer dryer says that it has an 8Kg wash load and a 5Kg Dry capacity this means that if you put 8 Kg of washing in it to wash then you will need to take out 3Kg before continuing to use the dry programme. The combined load for example would 5/5KG, this means that if you put 5Kg of washing in then you can run the auto programme that will wash and dry 5Kg of washing in one programme.



 Spin Speed

The spin speed of a washer dryer is the amount of times the drum rotates per minute, so in basic terms, the faster the spin speed, the drier the clothes will come out. However you have to bear in mind that the faster the spin then also the more creased the clothes will become. An average spin speed is 1200 RPM and a very high spin speed is 1600RPM. For delicate items we would recommend that you reduce the spin speed. Our range of washer dryers come in the following spin speeds:



Energy Rating 

All Domestic appliances have to comply with the energy saving system and they are all graded from A+++ to D. The different letters gives you the overall energy performance of the machine, for example a A+ machine will cost around £30 per year to run and each + or letter below is around 10% better or worse to run. So a A+++ machine is 30% cheaper to run per year than a A rated machine and so on. So if you want to do your bit for the environment then go look for A+ or higher machines.



  Special Programmes


Once you have picked your load size, spin speed and Energy rating, other features that may help you decide are special features such as:



Ok, so now you are ready to choose your appliance? Click Here to see the Range

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  4. SiemensSiemens
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  8. RangemasterRangemaster
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  12. DysonDyson
  13. BlombergBlomberg
  14. BellingBelling
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  17. IndesitIndesit
  18. HumaxHumax
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  22. TefalTefal
  23. SharpSharp
  24. Russell HobbsRussell Hobbs
  25. AgaAga
  26. Roberts RadioRoberts Radio
  27. White KnightWhite Knight
  28. PeerlessPeerless
  29. NumaticNumatic
  30. StovesStoves
  31. StatesmanStatesman
  32. SamsungSamsung
  33. LinsarLinsar
  34. IgenixIgenix
  35. HisenseHisense
  36. DimplexDimplex
  37. CDACDA
  38. BTBT
  39. Aeg Aeg
  40. MieleMiele
  41. VaxVax
  42. SwanSwan


Actual Price:
We offer a full price match on this product, please call us on 01633 262309 for the best price
We offer a full price match on this product, please call us on 01633 262309 for the best price