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New World

With over 120 years of experience behind them and a passion for innovation spanning far ahead, New World is a brand with a difference. Designing beautiful, uncomplicated and intelligent appliances is what they do best, aiming to make daily life all the more enjoyable with cheerful colour options and an ethos that family and food come first. They're also one of the few manufacturers still committed to crafting their appliances in Britain, attentively making each one right here in the UK to take a deserved place in the heart of the home. New World is a homely mix of considerate design, astute engineering and a genuine love of cooking.


New World's selection of cookers is wonderfully varied in size, colour and style, with a model to suit every kitchen. A selection of fuel choices - consisting of Dual Fuel, Electric and Gas - accommodates all homes and with an expansive size range available, there's sure to be an option for all - from the professional chef to the budding baker. New World is proud to maintain the tradition of manufacturing their cookers right here in Britain and with classic good looks to boot, they're every bit as durable as they are desirable.



A built-in oven is a must for any modern kitchen; combine a handsomely understated appearance with years of expert engineering and you have New World's range of ovens. Available in electric and gas models to meet the needs of any living space and offered in single and double sizes, you can effortlessly create a tailored kitchen with the perfect capacity for your household. Flexible and diverse, install them side-by-side for extra room to feed the family 


A hob is an absolute kitchen necessity, which is all the more reason to invest. New World offers a huge range of built-in hobs, boasting electric, gas and dual fuel options to suit any home. A choice of either 60cm or 70cm width means you can build your cooking space around your needs whether it's a speedy weeknight dinner or a luxuriant family feast. With beautifully sleek, modern designs and traditional, elegant features to choose from, there's sure to be something to suit everyone's tastes.

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