At A F Thomas Electricals we want to give you the same experience that you would get if you were in one of our stores so here are the key facts that you need to know when deciding on which Range Cooker Cooker to buy.

When choosing a Range Cooker you should consider the following:


  • 90cm wide
  • 100cm wide
  • 110cm wide

Fuel Type

Range Cookers come in the following fuel types:

  • Duel Fuel, this is the most popular type with cusromers, the hob is gas and the rest is electric
  • Ceramic, this type is all electric and includes a ceramic glass hob
  • Induction, this type is all electric and includes an induction hob
  • Gas, this type is all gas, however very often the grill and/or one of the ovens can be electric, please ask a member of staff for confirmation


Unlike most other cookers, Range Cookers come in a huge range of different colours from blue's to red's although black and Cream are still the most popular.

Cooking Features

Some Range cookers will come with extra features that you should consider when choosing the product that suits your needs

  • Multifunction oven: This is where the oven will have multiple elements so you can choose where the heat comes from. Features like Fanned Grilling, top and bottom heat, a defrost setting are just some of the features that a multifunction oven gives you.
  • Retractable Grill pan: This is great for having your hands free to turn yur food over during the grilling process.
  • Wok burner/Cradle: Ideal if you use a wok regularly for cooking.
  • Griddle Plate: great for cooking food on the hob without the need for a frying pan.


  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Modern