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Smeg has drawn upon over 65 years of design to concrete themselves as a brand of style. The Italian influence can be well seen in all Smeg products, but their exquisite Retro FAB range shows what makes Smeg such a unique and interesting brand

While Smeg may be famous for its bold-coloured, aspirational retro fridges, nowadays the company offers much more than just refrigerators.

Its passion for 1950s styling now includes washing machines, toasters, kettles, mixers and more.

The Italian manufacturer also makes a range of refined, contemporary-looking appliances that still nods to their characteristic 1950s design.

The line-up includes range cookers, ovens, microwaves and coffee makers, to name but a few.

We have an extensive range of Smeg retro products available, from the famous Retro-style fridges and freezers - in a range of colours and designs - to dishwashers and ovens; there's something for every taste and personality. However, Smeg products aren't just about exuberant style over substance. The Italian brand packs some serious tech innovations into these beautiful products too.


Experience the best of Smeg, '50s Style

Explore an exciting range of small appliances that come with the same vintage styling as Smeg's larger appliances. Just like their big brothers, these small appliances feature beautiful, 1950s-style curves and colours synonymous of the period, such as classic cream and pastel blue.

The line-up includes toasters, blenders and mixers. The Italian brand's 1950s collection is the perfect alternative for those wanting more than the often cold lines and characterless design of many of today's modern appliances.

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