Fresh & Rebel

Fresh 'n Rebel in back pocket.

Fresh ‘n Rebel is an audio brand that speaks the language of every music lover.

Rebel headphones in six different colours.

We say, live like there’s no tomorrow.and let the rebel in you never die.

So, turn the music up and live a little bit louder with Fresh ‘n Rebel audio!


The Bold XS is splash waterproof which means it can handle some water. Don’t be afraid to take it to the beach or clean it when it gets dirty.

Fresh n Rebel Rockbox Bold M Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


The Rockbox Bold M is pool party proof. And don’t worry about getting it dirty, you can easily rinse your Bold under the tap.

Fresh + Rebel Rockbox Bold Xs Bluetooth Speaker Splashproof getting wet.


Because of its extra small size, you can easily carry the with you and take it anywhere. The round edges make the speaker feel nice and because it’s so flat, it can even fit in your pocket.

Fresh & Rebel Rockbox Bold M Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

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