At A F Thomas Electricals we want to give you the same experience that you would get if you were in one of our stores so here are the key facts that you need to know when deciding on which Dishwasher to buy.

Freestanding Dishwashers

When choosing a Freestanding dishwasher you need to consider the following things:

Width, freestanding dishwashers come in two widths, 45cm (slimline) and 60cm (Standard)

Capacity, on a dishwasher this is done in "place settings" and range from 9 to 15.

Adjustable Flexi baskets,the upper basket will have the ability to adjust up and down to allow larger items to be placed either basket.

Intensive Wash, a high temperature programme ideal for baked on stubborn marks.

Noise levels, this is rated by a dB level, the higher the number the higher the noise level the appliance will make.

Cutlery Basket, some appliances now have a cutlery drawer which aids in the wash performance and also gives more space below.

Energy Rating, from A+++ to D this rates not only energy consumption but also water consumption and noise levels.

Integrated Dishwashers

All of the above features and benefits are also relevant for integrated dishwashers but when considering an integrated product you will also need to add the following considerations:

  • Fully or semi integrated? The difference here is to do with the size of the kitchen door. If you are replacing an existing product then you will need to match what you already have. On a fully integrated dishwasher the kitchen door covers the entire front of the appliance whereas on a semi integrated appliance the control panel on the front of the appliance is visible and the kitchen door is shorter. If you are putting in a integrated dishwasher for the first time then you will have the choice of which type you prefer but you will need to consult with your kitchen supplier to ensure the door you will need is available.
  • If you are replacing a freestanding dishwasher with an integrated one you will also need to consider the kitchen plinth as this will be needed to run along the front at floor level, something that your old freestanding dishwasher will not have had. Once again some advice from your kitchen supplier will be needed to ensure the plinth is available to you.