At A F Thomas Electricals we want to give you the same experience that you would get if you were in one of our stores so here are the key facts that you need to know when deciding on which Hob to buy.

When choosing a Hob you should consider the following:

Hob Type:

  • Gas Hob
  • Ceramic Hob
  • Induction Hob
  • Solid Plate Hob

When thinking about an electric hob, the principle differences between the types are as follows:

  • A Ceramic Hob is a glass topped hob where the elements sit beneath the glass and heat the pan through the glass, they are very easy to clean.
  • An induction hob looks the same as the ceramic hob but works in a totally different way, using a magnetic field to transfer the heat to the pan, this is very economical to run and the glass remains warm enough not to burn your hand if accidentally placed on the hob when being used.
  • A solid plate hob is the cheapest type but the element is raised and directly touches the pan which means that all spills and splashes are burnt onto the element, very difficult to keep clean and the elements will need replacing more often.


When choosing a new hob you need to bear in mind that if it is replacing an existing hob then it will need to fit into the existing hole in your worktop. We recommend that you consult with a member of staff to enure the model you are considering will fit. As part of our installation options, we can make adjustments to your worktop if necessary (wooden worktops only)

If it is a gas hob you are after then we can also arrange the gas installation using our approved gas safe registered engineers.