At A F Thomas Electricals we want to give you the same experience that you would get if you were in one of our stores so here are the key facts that you need to know when deciding on which Built in Oven to buy.

When choosing a built in oven you should consider the following:

There are three sizes of built in oven:

  • Single Oven
  • Double Oven
  • Built under Double Oven

A single oven fits into a kitchen cabinet that usually sits under the worktop/hob. it will generally measure 60cm wide x60cm high.

A Double oven usually fits into a tall unit and is at chest height in your kitchen, it usually measures 60cm wide by 90cm high.

A Built under double oven can replace a single oven and sits under the worktop/hob but doesn't generally require any kitchen cabinet to fit into and either sits on its own feet or fits to the surrounding cabinets on runners. If you are replacing a single oven with a double built under oven you will have to remove the old oven and its cabinet to make space for the new appliance. We can do this for you if you require us to do so.

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The capacity that we quote on the website is the litreage of each individual cavity, it should be used as a comparison tool really as most customers will never know how many litres of space they need to use their oven to its maximum capacity. The bigger the capacity, the more flexibility you will have to use the oven to its full.

Oven Features

The features on your oven to look out for that you may find useful are:

  • Multifunction oven: This is where the oven will have multiple elements so you can choose where the heat comes from. Features like Fanned Grilling, top and bottom heat, a defrost setting are just some of the features that a multifunction oven gives you.
  • Catalytic Liners, this feature will help to keep your oven clean, absorbing grease into the liner to reduce your maintenance time.
  • Slide n Hide, this is exclusive to Neff ovens where the door slides and hides away at the bottom of the oven to give you easy access to the oven space.
  • Pyrolytic cleaning, some models have this option where you can set the oven to self clean.


Some ovens will come with a timer, there are however two different types of timer that you could consider:

  • Minute minder timer: This is basically an egg timer built into your cooker, it does not start or stop your oven but merely gives you an alarm when the time set has come to end.
  • Programmable Timer: This timer will control the start time and end time of the cooker and is ideal for customers who want to programme a casserole for example to be ready for when they arrive home.